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Online Study Guide for Student Drivers

Driving Safety Tips

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You can practice these TIPS as a passenger.

Try it and see, soon it will become routine.

Give yourself and out



Leave space to escape dangerous situations.

Expect the unexpected and plan for escape routes.

Suppose you are the second car in line at a stop light.

Your front bumper is three feet from the car in front of you. You look in your rearview mirror and notice that the local town moron is approaching you at a high speed. He is waving at some girls and doesn't see the red light until it is too late. He slams on his brakes and all you hear is the screeching of his tires followed by a loud and sickening CRUNCH.

Everything suddenly fades to black. The next thing you notice is a fireman trying to take your pulse as the Jaws of Life are ripping apart your car so you can be extracted.

Of course you noticed that the local moron is not hurt and you overhear him telling the police that YOU backed into him. As you slip back into unconsciousness you remembered to GIVE YOURSELF AN OUT.

If only you had left a car and a half length between you and the car in front of you. You could have pulled forward or even out of the way before the impact.


Defensive driving will keep you alert for the unexpected.

Defensive Driving Tips
Always wear your seatbelt
Be aware of your blindspot
Avoid Drunk Drivers.
Give yourself an out
As you drive keep escape route open to avoid trouble
Keep your eyes moving
Check your mirrors every few seconds.
(Know what is on both sides of you and behind you at all times) Keep your wheels straight.
Get the big picture
Do not follow any vehicle to closely, stay back and see it all.
Make sure the other driver or pedestrian sees you.
This can be done by making eye to eye contact.
Avoid a DUI or DWI Don't Drink and Drive



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