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Driving Safety Tips

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DUI DWI fatal addicent
Drunk Driving Law Center  the most-visited
resource on the internet for DUI/DWI-related issues -- laws, legal procedures,
blood-alcohol science, police procedures, license suspension, legal help,
political issues, addiction help, etc.

Avoid DUI or DWI

You have heard it many times, driving while impaired or intoxicated is the number one traffic safety problem in the US.
Driving safely after drinking alcohol or taking other drugs is simply not possible.
What Alcohol Does
As a driver you will be making hundreds of decisions for every mile you drive. Alcohol slows reflexes and reaction time needed to make those decisions. 

Getting arrested for DUI or DWI is costly. You will need Bail, you will need a DWI Attorney, and you may end up loosing your license to drive or going to prison.

Teens involved with underage drinking or possession may loose their ability to even get a "Driver License"

Other Drugs
Many other drugs including some over the counter drugs can affect your driving ability.
If you are taking medication, check the label.
If you're not sure ask your pharmacist or doctor.

Driving under the influence of certain drugs is a misdemeanor.
A misdemeanor means it is a crime punishable with a jail term of up to one year.
The possession of the drugs is a felony.
A felony is a crime punishable with a jail term greater than one year.
Combining alcohol with other drugs can not only impair your driving abilities, it can cause serious health problems, like a coma, or even death.



Defensive driving will keep you alert for the unexpected.

Defensive Driving Tips
Always wear your seatbelt
Be aware of your blindspot
Avoid Drunk Drivers.
Give yourself an out
As you drive keep escape route open to avoid trouble
Keep your eyes moving
Check your mirrors every few seconds.
(Know what is on both sides of you and behind you at all times) Keep your wheels straight.
Get the big picture
Do not follow any vehicle to closely, stay back and see it all.
Make sure the other driver or pedestrian sees you.
This can be done by making eye to eye contact.
Avoid a DUI or DWI Don't Drink and Drive



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