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Driving Safety Tips

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You can practice these TIPS as a passenger.

Try it and see, soon it will become routine.

50,000 WILL DIE




You dont have to be one of them

Fatal accidents are very similar to the D-Day scene in the movie Saving Private Ryan. Body parts are severed, smeared, shattered; Brain matter is stuck all over, Bone chips are lying around. Many of the victims clothes are ripped off. Yet sometimes there is no carnage at all. The victims last moments of life were a horrific couple of seconds of crashing and crunching sounds followed by the sounds of breaking glass and the sterile smell of blood.

One moment they were involved in living their life and then suddenly WHAM !

Most of them didn't do anything wrong. They were victims of other bad drivers or a set of events set off by someone doing something stupid.

Defensive driving is designed to heighten your awareness of everything happening around you while driving. If you start developing these habits early and realize that every time you get in a car there is risk involved, you increase your chances that you won't be one of the 50,000.

Start practicing now by checking your mirrors constantly. Always be aware of what is on your right, your left and behind you. Check the road ahead. What is on the horizon, what is happening in front of the car ahead of you. Learn to make eye to eye contact with drivers and pedestrians. That way you know they see you. Look at the front wheels of the cars parked on the side of the road. If you see a car with the wheels turned to the left, is it going to suddenly pull out?

Of course you can also just drive around in a daze, fool with the radio, use the mirrors for checking your hair etc. You will either cause one of the 50,000 or become one and the rest of us will pay for it with higher insurance rates.


Defensive driving will keep you alert for the unexpected.

Defensive Driving Tips
Always wear your seatbelt
Be aware of your blindspot
Avoid Drunk Drivers.
Give yourself an out
As you drive keep escape route open to avoid trouble
Keep your eyes moving
Check your mirrors every few seconds.
(Know what is on both sides of you and behind you at all times) Keep your wheels straight.
Get the big picture
Do not follow any vehicle to closely, stay back and see it all.
Make sure the other driver or pedestrian sees you.
This can be done by making eye to eye contact.
Avoid a DUI or DWI Don't Drink and Drive



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