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Benefits of advertising Locally on GoLocalnet's Online Drivers Manual
This is a content driven site with rich information on "Rules of Driving", and preparing for the driving tests online. The site attracts a large audience of  new and experienced drivers with one important difference.  Each visitor to the site identifies their geographic location with a few clicks.
The visitor then has several hundred pages of license information and safety tips. 
Prominent banner placement on pages within the site appear to visitors within your sales area. For a sample of where your banner could appear, click here.
How does it work?
Advertising on GoLocalnet is easy, inexpensive and value added.
1: Tell us information you wish to advertise about your business
Remember that you are advertising to local viewers so the more local information you give the better. We have examples for you to follow, we will prepare a banner ad for you that appears to the viewer.  The banner will bring the viewer to an introductory page with all your information and any other links to existing sites you may have.  We will send you a final example for your approval post your ad. 
2: Inexpensive (Charter Sponsor Offer)
Sponsoring the Online Study Guide for Student Drivers gives you geographic targeting. a web page and direct e-mail link for about a dollar a day.  That's right, $25 a month.  Save more money by paying for a 12 month block. 
3: Value Added
You will have "Local Exposure" plus, a web page that includes a www address that you can use on letterhead, business cards, and any other correspondence. Direct e-mail link for direct contact from the viewer to you. 
The purpose of sponsoring our site is to generate sales leads, and reduce phone calls.  How many successful leads would it take to pay for this service?

The following advertisements and/or sites are expressly prohibited: 

Those that would violate any applicable law, regulation or third party right; 
Those encouraging illegal activity or racism; 
GoLocalnet does not advertise products and services related to pornography.
GoLocalnet reserves the right to choose and/or remove any site deemed to be objectionable by us and/or our clients.
4: GoLocalnet promotes the site and attracts viewers
We take care of advertising and promoting the site, the geographic visitors see your ad and have the opportunity to learn about your business.  The rest is up to you.
Site Activity
The growth of the popularity of this site is growing daily. Here is some history.
Marketing Execs and Media Planners
Please note that GoLocalnet is a service for Sponsoring the Online Study Guide for Student Drivers, for local business with geographic targeting by county and town within the United States. If you are interested in advertising to any and all visitors, or would like information about GoLocalnet's special advertising packages, please contact the GoLocalnet sales team directly.
Ready to Become a Sponsor? 
This site is ideal for Insurance Agents, Independent Automobile Dealers, Local Radio Stations, even a Carryout Pizza Restaurant. If your customers base includes teens and parents of teens, in your local area, and you want to establish Web Presence, look no further.


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This site is meant to enhance your learning of the Rules of the Road and is not intended to replace the Drivers Manual supplied by the Motor Vehicle Department of your State. Send mail to web master with questions or comments about this web site.

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