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    The Online Study Guide for Student Drivers

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The Online Study Guide for Student Drivers


Driving Rules on the Net

Welcome Drivers and Students Studying for the Learners Permit and or Drivers License
This site is for serious visitors studying for their drivers license test or researching traffic law and rules of the road.

Created to augment your state's official driving manual, this online guide for new (and licensed) drivers features illustrative animation, sample test questions and  rules of the road every driver needs to know. 

Already have your Drivers License? 
NO Problem, even if you think  you know it all, a refresher never hurts, especially if you subscribe to the imperatives "drive defensively" and "arrive alive."  Motorcycle Riders click here

NEW! State by state changes in Cell phone and Texting laws. HERE!

Driver License Law in the NEWS!

To begin Online Study Guide for Student Drivers, select the state in which you will be licensed.

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First time visitor? Take a few minutes and take a tour of how this site works. Click on the buttons below and a pop up will give you a quick look at the features we have for you in this site..

Study your Drivers Manual with this site
Use a QnA method to study questions you need to know.
Take practice tests that simulate the written tests and get a score.
See what the Road Test will be like.
Search for specific information on driving rules.

To begin, select the state in which you reside.

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This site is meant to enhance your learning of the Rules of the Road and is not intended to replace the Drivers Manual supplied by the Motor Vehicle Department of your State. Send mail to web master with questions or comments about this web site.

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