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General do's and don't's of U-turns.
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The general rule is: You may make a U- turn if it can be done safely, from the left lane of your side of the road.
Here are the general do's and don't's of U-turns. 

1. Begin the U-turn in the center left turn lane
a. if no vehicle is approaching closed than 200 ft, 
or whenever a traffic sign/signal protects you from vehicles that are close.
2. At an intersection at a green light unless posted. 
An illegal U-turn is committed when/if: you cross a curb, or strip of land, or two sets of double lines marking a center divider --except through an opening provided for turns. You cannot see clearly 200 feet in each direction, because of a curve, hill rain, fog, or other reason. Where it is posted "No U-turn" When other vehicles may hit you. On a one-way street. In a business district except at intersections or through openings in a concrete divider. 
When you are unable to make a U- Turn, make a three point turn as shown here. 



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You can click on the safety tips for more information.
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