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The OnlineStudy Guide for Student Drivers - Keeping Your LIcense
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Rules vary from State to State

Keeping Your License 
     Probation Period 
     Mandatory Suspension or Revocation 
     The Points System 
     Fees and Civil Penalties 
     Driving While Suspended or Revoked 



Keeping Your License 

 Driving is a privilege. 
If you commit a serious traffic violations or several less serious one, you may lose that privilege through  suspension or revocation. 

Suspensions means your license is taken away for a period of time. 

Revocation means your license is canceled completely. 

Probation Period 

  You  will be on probation after you pass your road test, or getting a new license after a revocation. 

Your license will be suspended for additional time if you are found guilty of any two moving violations during the probation period. 


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