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Test your parents on 
their knowledge

Types of Licenses  
Keeping your License  
Owing a Vehicle  

Rules of the Road 
Traffic Control 
Intersections and Turns  

Safe Driving Tips 
Defensive Driving  
Alcohol & Drugs  
Special Conditions 
Sharing the Road 
If You have an Accident  

Permit Test and Road Test 
Sample of Quiz Questions 
Road Test Tips

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This site is meant to enhance your learning of the Rules of the Road and is not intended to replace the Drivers Manual supplied by the Motor Vehicle Department of your State. 
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Study with Animation These can help you visualize some of the "Rules of the Road" 3pttrn.gif (9842 bytes)  The Three Point Turn You may be asked to demonstrate this action when taking the "Road Test" ppark.gif (23344 bytes) Parallel Parking Another  of  one of the mandatory road test requirements.