Online Study Guide for Student Drivers
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Online Study Guide for Student Drivers

  1. How does drunken driving rank as a highway safety problem?
  2. What are the effects of alcohol on the skills you need to drive?
  3. Which of these drugs could affect your driving ability: marijuana, a cold remedy, a tranquilizer?
  4. If you are taking a non-prescription drug, what should you do before driving?
  5. What is a likely effect of taking another drug while drinking alcoholic beverages?
  6. On what factors does your blood alcohol content (BAC) depend?
  7. Which of these contains more alcohol than the other two: one ounce(30ml.) of 80 proof liquor, four ounces (120 ml.) of 24 proof wine, 12 ounces (360mL.) of beer?
  8. How long does in take for your body to dispose of the alcohol contained in 12 ounces of beer?
  9. What is the only effective way to reduce your BAC?
  10. What happens to your drivers license if you refuse a chemical test?
  11. Other than fines, action against your license and a possible jail term, what are some of the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?





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