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Online Study Guide for Student Drivers

This will cause higher insurance rates.

The Points System

The point system identifies "persistent violators." While each violation is not in itself serious enough to require license suspension or revocation, several violations may indicate that action should be taken. Points are assigned for moving violations. If a certain number of points is reached within a prescribed amount of time, your driving privilege may be suspended of revoked.

A Point system is NOT THE ONLY basis for suspending or revoking driver licenses. For example, three speeding violations in 18 months or a single DWI violation will result in mandatory revocation, regardless of points.

Your point total is based on points you received within the past 18 months, based on the date the violation(s) occurred.

Once 18 months have passed from the violation date, the points for that violation no longer count toward your total. While a conviction is required for the points to go on your record, the conviction date is not used to determine your point total.

Points are reduced by not having any further violations over a period of time.

Here is an example of points

Speeding MPH not specified 3 Following too closely (tailgating) 4

MPH over

Improper passing, unsafe lane change, drove left of center, or drove wrong direction 3
  1 to 10 3

11 to 20

4 Violation involving a traffic signal, stop sign or yield sign 3

21 to 30

6 Railroad crossing violation 3

31 to 40

8 Failing to yield right-of-way 3

More than 40

11 Safety restraint violation involving person under 16 3
Reckless driving 5 Leaving scene of incident involving property damage or injury to domestic animal 3
Failing to stop for school bus 5 Any other moving violation 2
Inadequate brakes 4 Inadequate Brakes (while driving employer's vehicle) 2


Points will also cause you insurance rates to rise.

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