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Sharing the Road

  • Pedestrians

  • Pedestrians are the highway users most at risk in traffic. 
  • Children are often the least predictable pedestrians as well as the hardest to see
  • Always be aware and take extra care around schools, bus stops, playgrounds, parks and residential streets.
  • When backing up, take additional steps to insure the way is clear.  Look through the rear window, not just your mirrors.
  • A great safety tip is to always honk your horn before backing.
  • Pedestrians have rules too.

  • They are supposed to walk on the side of the road facing traffic which puts them on your right.  And the pedestrian crossing at intersections always have the right of way.
    • They have to obey traffic signals too.

      Blind Pedestrians crossing a road have "special" right of way, when crossing with a guide dog, white or metallic cane.  You must always give them the right of way even if the signals or other right of way rules are not in their favor. 

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You can click on the safety tips for more information.

You can click on the safety tips for more information.
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