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Sharing the Road
Horseback Riders
Horseback riders are subject to and protected by, the rules of the road.
They must ride single file near the right curb or road edge, or on a usable right shoulder, land or path.
The law requires you to exercise due care when approaching a horse being ridden or led.
You must drive at a reasonable speed,
a reasonable distance,
and never sound your horn.

Here is what a Horseback Rider says we (as drivers) can do to exercise due care.

Here are a few things we encounter when we ride the road.

Horses are animals with eyes on the sides of there heads to see predators at great distance. They have blind spots immediately in front, and behind them. They have a cone of blindness about six feet in front and behind.

Motorcycles can show courtesy to riders they may see on the road by not accelerating before, during or right after they encounter a horse. Most drivers around here give us a distance of 30 feet before they hit the throttle. Also auto's with loud exhausts should show the same courtesy.

No horn blowing. PLEASE. (NOTE: this is illeagal )

When on single lane roads if drivers slow down it is greatly appreciated. Although we try not to ride on double lane hwys. there are times when it is necessary to get to our next destination. If a driver should encounter a rider on the hwy it would be considered courteous for them to move to the far lane, if they do this no decrease in speed would be needed as the horse would have that extra room between the auto & his body. Hope this helps you out, giving you some idea of what we look for when sharing the roads. (with motorists)

To understand more about horses visit Tennessee Walking Horse On-Line






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