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Alcohol and Driving

Drunk drivers and drivers under the influence of drugs are a hazard to themselves and to you.

Be especially alert around the closing times for bars and taverns. Watch for drivers who have trouble staying in their lane or maintaining speed, stop without reason, or show other signs of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Drinking alcohol and then driving is a very serious problem.

People who drink alcohol are involved in traffic accidents resulting in over 20,000 deaths every year.

You should know:

  • How alcohol works in the human body.
  • How it affects driving.
  • Laws regarding drinking and driving.
  • Legal, financial, and safety risks of drinking and driving.

The Truth About Alcohol.

There are many dangerous ideas about the use of alcohol. The driver who believes in these wrong ideas will be more likely to get into trouble.

What is a Drink?

It is the alcohol in drinks that affects human performance. It doesn’t make any difference whether that alcohol comes from “a couple of beers” or from two glasses of wine or two shots of hard liquor.

All of the following drinks contain the same amount of alcohol:

  • A 12 ounce glass of 5% beer
  • A 5 ounce glass of 12% wine
  • A 1 1/2 ounce shot of 80 proof liquor

How alcohol works.

Alcohol goes directly from the stomach into the blood stream. A drinker can control the amount of alcohol which he or she takes in, by having fewer drinks or none. However, the drinker cannot control how fast the body gets rid of alcohol.

If you have drinks faster than the body can get rid of them, you will have more alcohol in your body and your driving will be more affected.


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